Guide to the Avatars 97 Mailing Listserv

Get Signed Up!

A mailing list has been established for news updates about the upcoming Avatars 97 conference.

To join the Avatars 97 mailing list, do the following steps:

    1. Click here and send an email to with the word subsingle in the body of the message.
    2. Soon you will receive back an authorization email. Simple reply to this email and on the subject line, change the word REJECT into the word ACCEPT. You must be sure to leave the ID clause in the subject line intact or the list manager will not be able to authenticate your request.
    3. Within a few minutes you should be subscribed and can post to the list. If you have a problem send an email to: Nancy Levidow.

Posting and Documentation on the Listserver

Posting to the list is moderated. If you want to post the the Avatars 97 mailing list send your message in an email to Nancy Levidow (Note that you do not have to be subscribed to the list to post, just have something relevant to say for Avatars 97 attendees. Documentation for using the list is at:


To UNSUBSCRIBE send email to with the line unsubscribe in the message body (you can leave the subject line empty). If you have problems with this, send an email to Nancy Levidow.

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