Avatars 97: the People

Fearsome foursome: Sandy Stone (U.T. Austin ACTLab)
Bruce Damer (Avatars97 Conference Chair),
Sandra Cannon and Rick Noll (Circle of Fire Studios)

Conference Chair Bruce Damer proudly posing by the display of his book "Avatars!" on sale for the first time on day One of the conference

Wendy Sue Noah of Fujitsu with Randy Farmer of Electric Communities and (?)

Frederick Shaul in the exhibit area

Steve DiPaola (Onlive) with Frederick Shaul (3D Labs)

Mitra, as himself, co-inventor of the VRML97 standard

Conference Chair Bruce Damer with Rick Noll (Circle of Fire Studios) by a conference guide sign at the 26th floor of SFSU

Former California Governor Jerry Brown with Conference Chair Bruce Damer (Kirk Parsons on the right)
AlphaWorld from Space
Goshuke Tomake from Wired Japan

SFSU's George Nixon, Conference Chair Bruce Damer and UT Austin's Sandy Stone

Conference Coordinator Nancy Levidow and Volunteer Coordinator Eve

Contact Consortium Treasurer and Conference Registration Coordinator our Webmaster

Tom Reiss, conference presenter, in his Parkinsons-walking aid VR glasses

Plasm team Barrett Fox and Ben DeLeuwe

Conference staffers our Webmaster, a volunteer and Nancy Levidow

An Active Worlds citizen relaxes

Video crew Stephanie Sutton and Allan Lundell

Press Coordinator Wendy Sue Noah in the press room

Parting shotof Conference Chair Bruce Damer

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