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The following is a series of links and other resources provided by speakers at the recent Avatars 97 conference. These links will provide you further background on the speakers and their work. This page was produced by Nader of Omega Media.


    Session: Avatar Standards

    Speaker: Bernie Roehl, University of Waterloo

    Session: Embodied Avatars

    Speaker: Jeffrey Goldsmith, WORDZ

    Bots With Character - There's now something important for writers to do in interactive media. Build bots with character.


    Session: Living Worlds

    Speaker: Mitra, Mitra Internet Consulting

    Living Worlds


    Session: Virtual Healing

    Speaker: Anthony Lloyd



    Session: Roll you own Avatar 2

    Speaker: Hannes Hogni Vilhjalmsson, MIT Media Laboratory

    "Life-Like Avatars" research project


    Session: Roll Your Own Avatar 2 - Your Avatar and You

    Speaker: Yannis Paniaras - Cosmo Software

    Yannis Paniaras - Virtual Identities in CMC - Ioannis Paniaras' online presentation


    Session: Your Avatar, Your Ident 2

    Speaker: Andy Best & Merja Puustinen, MEET Factory

    "Conversations with Angels", a multi-user VRML 2.0 world, is the latest project created by the MEET Factory (Andy Best & Merja Puustinen). Using the latest possibilites for interactive communication on the Internet, the MEET Factory are creating virtual worlds inhabited by robots, whose characters are based on actual real people and experiences. Visitors to the site can choose an avatar with which to enter the worlds, and via a text interface, can chat with the robot personalities. There is a serial killer, a middle-aged single mother, a redneck survivalist, and a lesbian princess, amongst others, all types that the average net surfer doesn't bump into too often! By providing politically and socially provoking content, the MEET Factory aim to steer debate away from cyber hype and actually challenge real world prejudices. As visitors can also chat to each other, the hope is that a sense of community will be created as users return regularly to meet and hangout with their friends.

    Princess Anne, one of the characters you can chat with at the MEET Factory



    Speaker: Stasia McGehee - Artist / Avatar Designer, Independent Consultant

    Stasia McGehee - Avatar Designer


    Session: Virtual Environments for Healing

    Speaker: Tamiko Thiel, New Media Artist

    Projects Homepage


    Session: Sociology and Anthropology of Virtual World Communities

    Speaker: T.L. Taylor, Brandeis University

    Research Information


    Session: The Embodied Agent Character

    Speaker: Barbara Hayes-Roth, Extempo Systems, Inc.

    Spence's Avatar Bar

    A Bartnder With Feeling (PPT) - 528k


    Session: All the (Virtual) World's a Stage

    Speaker: Misty West, Web Design & Development Conference, Miller Freeman Publishing

    Email Misty for a copy of her Av97 Presentation


    Session: 3D API's & Hardware Acceleration

    Speaker: Frederick Shaul

    3d Labs


    Session: Architecting & Managing Large Scale Virtual Worlds

    Speaker: Rick Noll



    Session: Roll Your Own Reality

    Speaker: Charles Ostman

    The Far Frontier

    "Nanoswarm" - behavioral activity of pseudo-protein entities swarming together as they migrate toward a biocompatible bonding surface. This is an MPEG animation of a 3D render sequence, which is part of a series of analytical experiments examining the behavior of self-organizing pseudo protein assembly components. Note the polygonal structures of these components. These are relatively small models, which could be converted into VRML models.

    swrm.mpg - 814k

    This is an example of an "organomorph" process engine being applied to the morphing together of two 3D volumetrically raytraced scenes of forms and geometric constructs "grown" in their respective synthetic environments.

    orgn2.mpg - 1.3mb


    Session: VRML Consortium 1: Avatar Standards

    Speaker: Bernie Roehl


    Session: Social Lifecycles of Virtual Communities

    Speaker: Gail Williams

    Virtual Community Building Resources from THE WELL


    Session: 2d or not 2d

    Speaker: Tony Christopher

    Fujitsu - Worlds Away


    Session: 2d or not 2d

    Speaker: Randy Farmer

    Electric Communities


    Session: Virtual Workspace

    Speaker: Garry Hare

    OZ Interactive


    Session: Avatar Psychologists - The Construction of Virtual Personality

    Speaker: Sanford Rosenberg

    Media Research Associates


    Session: Ancient Rituals for a New Medium

    Speaker: Michael Sellers et al

    Catwoman's report on Ancient Rituals for a New Medium at the Avatars97 Conference.

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