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Conference Report and original Big Board Schedule

Avatars99 Happened, Read the Reviews!

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The Web3D Roundup at VRML99 was broadcast live from Padeborn Germany on February 25th. The Avatars98 world in Active Worlds was featured in this event by guide Lucio. View and hear his live tour by downloading Microsoft Netshow and then play the repeat of Lucio's live tour thru Avatars98 here (after you have the Windows media player intalled via netshow)

A veritable cloud of conference attendees float attentively during the grand finale Avvy Awards ceremony at 6pm Pacific Standard Time on November 21st, 1998. Click here to see the Avvy Award Pages.
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Here's how this groundbreaking conference was put together:

Welcome Message
Clickable Conference Map
Directory of Exhibitors
Discussions and Speakers
Special Events
Physical Locations

This page was our guide to information about the one-day schedule for Avatars98. It all happened on November 21st, 1998, folks! Click the links for details on our exciting speakers, exhibits, art show, performances, and special events like front and center and the Avvy Awards. Check out our pages on in-world happenings and face-to-face locations!

Before the event, many folks joined our crew and really got involved in the creation of this groundbreaking happening in Cyberspace!

...and remember that you can always compare GMT to your local time at: http://ariadne.iz.net/java/Diversions/

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