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Hannes Vilhjálmsson

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5pm - 6 PST (8pm - 9 EST)
[1am - 2 GMT 22 Nov. ]
Active Worlds

Hannes Vilhjálmsson

will host a group discussion on the topic:

Embodied Conversation

By making chat graphical, we are adding a non-verbal channel to our on-line conversations. In the 'real' world the non-verbal plays an important role in establishing and breaking contact with other people as well as being an integral part of the conversation itself. This discussion will focus on the following issues:

  • What type of functions does the non-verbal serve in 'real' face-to-face conversation?
  • Are those functions important to on-line conversations?
  • If so, how can they best be realized?
  • What are the hardest problems?
  • Some approaches to solving these problems.

Hannes H. Vilhjálmsson is a doctorate student in the Media Arts and Sciences program at the MIT Media Laboratory where he is a part of the Gesture and Narrative Language research group. His focus is on embodiment in virtual spaces, both for humanoid agents and avatars. In particular he is looking at the role of the body in initiating and sustaining a conversation.

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