Avatars99 Colonizing Cyberspace

Avatars99: Report on Cybertown's Oct 30th Events

Have Avatar Will Travel.. to the Blaxxun Universe on October 30th for a full day of fabulous events. See the original event schedule here.

Find below a couple of images taken by Digigardener (Bruce Damer) on the Blaxxun day at Avatars99. More images and reports to be linked in here soon!

Avatars 99: Is Cyberspace Soul Space?
See complete transcript by Mike "mjson" Jakobsson
See Mike Heim's pages on this event

Scene from the Art Center College of Design panel discussion in ACCD's world in the Cybertown Suburbs: Cyberspace and Soul Space (panel recruited and moderated by Michael Heim)

Andy Best of Meetfactory appears in the official symbol of Avatars99, "Avonaut". He takes us on a tour to Larry Rosenthals Cube and Snow Crash Bar and worlds where the 40th Birthday Party of Neal Stephenson was held as well as a face-to-face sponsored by the New York VRML SIG.

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