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Contact, Culture and Community in Digital Space
The First Annual Conference of the Contact Consortium
Was held in San Francisco on Oct 26-27, 1996

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Visionary Keynote Addresses
Mark Pesce Keynote Tony Parisi Keynote John Sculley Keynote Bruce Damer Keynote
Mark Pesce
Tony Parisi
John Sculley
Bruce Damer

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E2A 1996 Overview

E2A Makes Cyberhistory!

Earth to Avatars, The first annual Contact Consortium Conference on Contact, Culture and Community in Digital Space, was held on October 26 and 27 in San Francisco, California USA. This first ever event on Avatar Cyberspace was a milestone in the evolution of the Internet into a medium for human contact and community.

A Powerful Program

Session topics included: avatar standards, designing and building virtual worlds, virtual community, worlds for learning, worlds for electronic commerce, digital culture, digital biology, and the best in inhabited virtual worlds on the Internet. Over seventy speakers! including the movers and shakers of the virtual worlds movement filled our program. See some scenes from E2A in our Photo Gallery.

Participation from the Whole Community

Participating companies and organizations included: 3-D Labs, 3rd Dimension, America Online, Anthrobotics, Apple, BigBook, Black Sun Interactive, Chaco, Construct Internet Design, Duck Soup, Electric Communities, Fujitsu Software Corporation, IBM, IDS, Intervista, Intel, Interval Research, ITU Research, KATrix, L-Squared, Microsoft, NTT Software, OnLive!, Oz Interactive, Paragraph, The Palace, Planet 9 Studios, Velocity Games, VeRGe, The WELL, Worlds Incorporated, Zenda.. and more!

The conference was held over two days, October 26-27, 1996 at the ANA Hotel in the heart of San Francisco and the Multimedia Gulch.

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First Annual Avvy Awards!
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See the Sue Wilcox VRMLSite Avvy Report.

Announcement of the
First Annual
Avvy Awards!

Avvy Award Overall Winner
Web Design's Lisa3 was the Overall Avvy Awards winner

Reviews of E2A

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Contacting Us

Join us next year at Avatars 97
To be held in October 22-24 1997 in San Francisco, California

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