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Avatar Fancy Costume Ball in the Red Hall

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Avatars waiting to enter the Palace
Avatars waiting to enter the Palace

Good preparation by the Palace, Inc and a banner announcing the party outside the main Palace itself drew in a large number of partgoers. Our Macintosh users also joined us in this virtual world. The Palace was easier to use than the other worlds as it is a two dimensional, third person point of view. Many avatars hung out the the Palace main gates and then drifted inside to the Mansion Red Room for the main bash!

Singles Mixer in Full Swing
Singles Mixer in Full Swing

Wendy Sue Noah, a.k.a Spark from Match.com cast a swath of her matchmaking powers over the party guests. You can see her here in her own customized avatar: the one with the pink bunnie ears. Conversation went from the intimate to the inane in seven hours of continuous gabbing and gift giving.

Fancy Costumes en Francais!
Fancy Costumes en Francais!

The French speaking guests at the party had a wonderful time bringing the Francophone world one step further into CyberSpace. They dressed up in the manner of a fancy ball at Versailles in the time of the Sun King. Spark helped energize the social experience by starting a round of gift giving. The fanciest hats became sought after items and the partygoers had brought whole wardrobes of their own.

Someone was chastized for making rude and loud sound gestures but soon quieted down. The Palace party was warm, eclectic fun for all.

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