Sherwood Forest Community
the official Guide to Builders
for the May 4 Build Event!

Guide to Sherwood Forest Towne
Steps to Select a Lot to Build On
Guide to Building
What We Will Do With Sherwood!

Guide to Sherwood Forest Towne

See the Guide to Sherwood to get an overview before you visit the site!

Steps to Select a Lot to Build On

Email us so we can add you into the Sherwood Clan section of our web site

We have lots A through M available, with lots F and G already reserved. Choose your Lot to build on by following these seven simple steps:

  1. Visit Sherwood (by walking to 105N, 188E, 180 skew or by teleporting from our web site).
  2. Fly from the front gate, over the talking circle and down the garden path toward the cabin, make a right at the path before the cabin, fly over the trees and into the open area, divided into lots. Please refer to our fine map of the area featured on our web site under Sherwood.
  3. You will notice the lots as they are all covered with uniform colored walks and divided by roads.
  4. Find a lot you like which has a mailbox.
  5. Pick the mailbox, if the description just says "Lot x" with no name assigned, then you can request it.
  6. Request a lot from the land manager, by emailing
  7. When she has determined if that lot is available, she will remove the protective covering, and you are ready to go!

We will also put your mailto: in your mailbox and your name, so we and people can contact you! Email a description of you, your desired email address and web links so we can add you into the Sherwood Clan section of our web site

Guide to Building

We ask that you cover your site and build a little pretty much right away to protect it from vandalism and show that you are active. We suggest that you consider building something beautiful and fitting the Sherwood Forest towne theme: more like a medieval English community. Thatched huts (thatch.rwx, anyone?), barns, gardens, shops etc. Please see About Sherwood on our web site and take a look at our Towne Charter to get an idea of the spirit of our community.

What We Will Do With Sherwood!

We will be demonstrating Sherwood (and showing your work) to the world at our conferences, studying it in research projects, featuring it in news stories and including it in an upcoming book.

We look forward to having you as a builder at Sherwood!

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