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Writings on Virtual Worlds
Books, Theses, Papers, Articles and Courses
on Avatars and Virtual Worlds
Bruce Damer's book Avatars! Exploring and Building Virtual Worlds on the Internet
Bruce Damer's other writings on virtual worlds and other topics
Daniel Pargman's Ph.D thesis "Code begets community: On social and technical aspects of managing a virtual community" based on 4 years of studies of an adventure MUD which has had a sustained community for ten years.
See the seminal Electric Communities White Papers
Chris Carney's Masters Thesis, "Architecture of the Virtual," focuses on the design of virtual space.
A diverse set of VRML and other Virtual Worlds Perspectives on ZD Net by masters of the medium, Mark Pesce, Genevieve Martineau, and Tony Parisi
Dataman's New World Times archive community newspapers from the Active Worlds universe.
The Psychology of Cyberspace, including a study of The Palace by John Suler, Department of Psychology, Rider University
Dataman's Life on the Border: Cyberspace and the Avatar in Historical Perspective a Master's Thesis proposal by Beth Scannel.
Matthew Lewis' Courses on VRML and Virtual environments at Ohio State University.
Lisa Neal's paper on Virtual Classrooms and Communities for ACM GROUP '97
David Rodowick's Seminar on Digital Culture at the University of Rochester
City of Bits by William J. Mitchell
HumbertHumbert's LambdaMOO Archive
Zenda Events Interviews at Minds Palace
Online Magazine's AlphaWorld Stories including interviews with Ron Britvich and Dave Gobel
Rendezvous in the wireframe gardens by Ole Luetjens of the Ponton European Media Art Lab. This thesis was written at the school of fine arts in Hamburg and it is in German. It documents Ole's work with virtual worlds and attempts to cast some light on the physical, sociological and psychological relationships between a person and his or her avatar and the avatars of others.
Other Writings, Musings and Philosophae
Mark Pesce * Outside the Light-Cone and European Mirror
Home page of Howard Rheingold
Avatar Identities, thoughts on Virtual Identity and Pizza Noses by NONOBADKITTY
Home page of Judith Donath
Thoughts on Avatars and Worlds by Mark Meadows
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