WEAVE Meeting #1 - Introduction

WEAVE Meeting #1 - Introduction

Feb. 13, 1997

"The WEAVE mission is for women to WEAVE their voices and skills into the virtual landscape in order to invoke GREAT influence and change for the progress of society and business within the new frontier."

Chairperson: Wendy Sue Noah

Attendees: Barbara Hoffer, Eva Way Konigsberg, Stephanie Sutton, Sun McNamee, Judith Rubin, Angel, Beth Scannell

We started the meeting with Webster's 4th definition of WEAVE: To produce by elaborately combining elements.

The participants' were then asked to choose associated words. What came forward were: Braid, Knit, Tantra [note: the translation of the word Tantra is to weave], Integration, Tapestry, Unity, Interconnectedness.

Wendy Sue then introduced WEAVE, which was inspired when she saw how many powerful women were in this industry, yet with the obvious predominance of male voices taking the lead. She wants to ensure that before the Cyber-ceiling gets firmly entrenched, that a influential groups such as WEAVE would be heard so that women can shine and represent a firm voice.

When Wendy Sue visited New York City, she went to the Smithsonian's Native American museum to come across a relative definition of what it means to be a weaver:

"A weaver conceives new designs through dreams, visions, and study. Through the process of weaving a woman achieves a deeper understanding of her physical, social and spiritual world."

Wendy then showed off a picture of Barbie. Why? Because Barbie has put out a CD-ROM game where the girls get to virtually dress up Barbie and be creative. The big news is that last month, sales of Barbie's CD-ROM had the largest sales of any other, including violent games. "This is hope, my friends," said Wendy, proudly. Judy responded with, "It's also proof that women do the shopping.."

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