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Bob Jacobson

Virtual Workplace

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12N - 4pm PST
[8pm -12M GMT]
The Palace

Bob Jacobson ("Cyberoid")
Editor and Author, INFORMATION DESIGN (MIT Press, forthcoming)

will host a group discussion on the topic:

Beyond "VR": Building Public Support for Our Work

"VR" and "Avatars" are terms that have limited value -- some would say, negative value -- in promoting the growth of an active, viable distributed worlds industry. This discussion will deal with the ideology of virtual worlds and how we can build a discourse that enables our success in the future.

Relevant Experiences:
Editor and Author, INFORMATION DESIGN (MIT Press, forthcoming, late 1998-early 1999)
Organizer and Co-Moderator, sci.virtual-worlds (USENET newsgroup), 1990-1995
Founder and CEO, Worldesign Inc., 1992-1996 (http://www.marketmatrix.com/worldesign)
Associate Director (and co-founder), Human Interface Technology Labotory, HIT Lab, 1989-1992. (http://www.hitl.washington.edu)

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