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Your Fellow Crewfolk
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Meet your fellow crewfolk (in no particular order):

Worldbuilder Crew


  • Bruce Damer (Overall website design, wordage)
  • Anita Roy Dobbs (Website design/graphics)
  • Stuart Gold (Database Web/World Generation)

General Crew
  • Bruce Damer (Conference Chair and Rabble Rouser)
  • Stuart Gold (Chief Architect, Database Web/World Generation)
  • Anita Roy Dobbs (Website design, Documenting the event and Farm Hand)
  • Bonnie DeVarco and her UC Santa Cruz Crew (Educational theme track V-UCSC Santa Cruz California world and location events)
  • Camilla Vitale (AV98 Hosting Cochair)
  • Leo Mauk 'BinaryBud' (AV98 Hosting Cochair)
  • George Myers, Mark Shirley and others (NASA in-world events and discussions, Ames Research Center location event)
  • Rick Noll, JP McCormick, Roland Villet and Circle of Fire Studios (AW event support, discussions and Newburyport MA location event)
  • T.L. Taylor and the Socioanthro Special Interest Group (hosting discussions)
  • Chris Carney and the VW-Arch architecture SIG (hosting discussions)
  • Susan Mackey and the VWLang language SIG (hosting discussions)
  • Christopher Boudreau (Japan location event)
  • Nancy and Roger Zuidema (Santa Cruz County event support, Farm Hands)
  • Vernon Reed (UT Austin event support, Traveler Utopia worlds)
  • Patricia Griffin: Extempo Systems (Exhibit and discussion on embodied characters on the net)
  • Pascal Baudar: Cybertown (Blaxxun Colony city events)
  • David Maloney and Pam Miller (Blaxxun Colony City events, avatar and art events, Milwaukee location event)
  • Andy Best and Merja Puustinen: Meetfactory (KIASMA Helsinki location event, Blaxxun/VRML worlds)
  • Mark Pesce (discussions and University of Southern California location event)
  • Nelson Crowle (AW bots)
  • Jean Phillipe Durrios and Derrick de Kerckhove: MCluhan Program International (MCluhan program world event support, Toronto, France)
  • Bernie Roehl (U Waterloo, VRML/Avvies)
  • Sue Wilcox (Avvy Awards)
  • JW Friendly (TBD)
  • Nancy Levidow (Finances, logistical support)
  • Michele Dickey (Ohio State location event, documentation)
  • Demetri Terzoupolous (Univ Toronto, Discussion leader, artificial animals and biota)
  • Chris Langton (Santa Fe location event, discussion leader, artificial life and complexity in virtual worlds)
  • Jane Prophet (London UK location event, Technosphere and biologically inspired worlds)
  • Steve Grand (Cambridge UK event, Cyberlife)
  • Amigos Group (world building, hosting, Amsterdam Holland location event)
  • Dirk-Jan "Twinkle" de Bruin: Tinkleclan (World hosting, Bovenkarpspel, Noord Holland location event)
  • Gerald de Jong (Rotterdam Holland location event, Struck and other compelling geometry in worlds)
  • Chloe (AW event hosting)
  • Natalya Petrova (Russia event location)
  • Blaxxun Interactive (Hosting of Blaxxun events, Munich Germany location event)
  • Christian Bauer (in-world hosting, Austria location event)
  • Riccardo Antonini: Researcher at the University of Rome "Tor Vergata" Head of the Italian Section of the European Esprit Project "Amusement, an International Virtual Space for individual and collective presence and interation" (http://www.i3net.org/i3projects/summaries.html) and (http://www.i3net.org/i3projects) e-mail: Riccardo.Antonini@UniRoma2.It
  • R.S.Aylett (TBD)
  • Scott Moore (WorldsAway hosting)
  • Brian Alger (KPMG, Toronto location event)
  • Derrick Woodham and students (AW Worlds, DAAP, Moon/CERHAS, University of Cincinnatti location event)
  • Others to come (if we are missing you or someone we should add, contact us)

Also see the many volunteers at the Physical Locations (F2F Nodes)

Avatars98 Homepage

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