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Juliann Krute

Designing Worlds Worth Visiting

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2pm - 3 PST
[10pm - 11 GMT]
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Juliann Krute
Director, Pensive Angel Productions

will give a talk on the topic:

Protecting your Rights: Is that Copyright yours?

Protecting your Rights: Is that Copyright yours? SessionText: You eagerly build away, volunteering your skills to create a new and exciting virtual world. But at the end of the day, who really owns that work, and who has the right to use it?
This session will highlight some basic issues in copyright law, and how to avoid some of the most common pitfalls.

Actor, author, director and scribe. A cyberspace addict of many years, Juliann is also a graduate student of communications and law, having recently her thesis for the Master of Laws at the University of London (Queen Mary and Westfield College). She has been researching the copyright logistics surrounding virtual worlds for the past three years, and has discovered some alarming loopholes.

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