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Lucio Pascarelli

Educators' Track

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4pm - 5 PST

[12midnight - 1am, 22 Nov GMT]
Active Worlds

Lucio Pascarelli ("Lucio")

will give a talk on the topic:

Building Natural Looking Virtual Worlds

Lucio Pascarelli is currently the Coordinator of the Communications Support Unit at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, one of the largest UN specialized Agencies, which is based in Rome, Italy. Lucio sees Virtual Worlds as a potentially effective tool for cross-culture communication as well as a solution to the bandwidth crunch in developing countries. In his approach to Active Worlds technology, Lucio has focussed on automated world construction as well as on giving virtual worlds an ergonomic and natural look. An example of this is Virtualy, a world automatically built using non-linear (fractal) landscaping techniques.

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