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A1:1 42 Titan's Guild Studios 5n 0.1e 0.0a 0
A2:2 AWCOM 2.4N 2.6W 0.0a 40
A3:1 3 AWSchool 2.5S 8.1W 0.2a 360
A3:2 3 AWSchool 0.1S 5.6W 0.2a 90
A3:3 Gatekeepers 2.5N 8.0W 0.2a 180
A3:4 Gatekeepers 0.0S 10.4W 0.2a 270
A5:1 The Cy Awards AlphaBit Phalpha
A5:2 Imagine
A5:3 AW2000 Reunion Daphne
A5:4 7 Boeing 8.0S 2.7W 0.0a 269 C
A6:1 Info Booth 5.9S 2.2E 0.0a 317
A6:2 Info Booth 5.9S 6.0E 0.0a 47
A6:3 Info Booth 2.3S 5.8E 0.0a 134
A6:4 Info Booth 2.2S 2.1E 0.0a 228
A7:1 Omnigroup 2.7S 8.0E 0.0a 0
A7:2 Omnigroup 0.0N 10.7E 0.0a 90
A7:3 Omnigroup 2.7N 8.0E 0.0a 180
A7:4 Omnigroup 0.0S 5.3E 0.0a 271
A8:1 47 DigitalSpace 2.6N 2.7E 0.0a 316


B1:1 4 Active Art Design 13.2N 0.0E 0.0a 359 C
B1:2 Active Art Design 16.0N 2.8E 0.0a 90 C
B1:4 21 Gudbrandsen, Hennik 16.0N 2.8W 0.0a 27 C
B10:1 Just In 14.7S 4.0E 0.0a 360
B10:2 Ann 12.0S 6.7E 0.0a 90
B10:3 18 F A O of the United Nations 9.3S 4.0E 0.0a 180 15
B10:4 AWStruck 12.0S 1.3E 0.0a 27 Alan Ferguson
B11:1 Just In 16.0S 2.7W 0.0a 27AlphaBit Phalpha C
B11:2 36 Virtualia.Cet 8.0S 10.8E 0.0a 89
B11:3 15 5.3S 8.0E 0.0a 180
B11:4 The England World 8.0S 5.3E 0.0a 269
B12:1 35 Pacific Northwest Labs 6.8S 12.0E 0.0a 360 C
B12:2 19 Friends 4.0S 14.8E 0.0a 90 14
B12:3 30 Mpath Interactive 1.2S 12.0E 0.0a 180 C
B12:4 33 New School University 4.0S 9.2E 0.0a 270 14
B13:1 45 Virtual World Builders 2.5S 15.9E 0.0a 360 C
B13:2 1 ACT Lab 0.0S 18.4E 0.0a 90 C
B13:3 1 ACT Lab 2.4N 16.1E 0.0a 180 C
B13:4 46 Chloe / A.W.H.S 0.0N 13.6E 0.0a 270 C
B14:1 XelaG 1.3N 12.0E 0.0a 359
B14:2 16 Dobie, Seth 4.0N 14.8E 0.0a 90 13
B14:3 new DURRIOS 6.8N 12.0E 0.0a 18
B14:4 22 Heim, Michael 4.0N 9.2E 0.0a 270
B15:1 40 AWEC 5.3N 8.0E 0.0a 0 C
B15:2 AWEC 8.0N 10.8E 0.0a 91 C
B15:3 Castles 18.4N 15.9E 0.0a 1 Belladora
B15:4 34 Orange County Convention Center 8.0N 5.3E 0.0a 271
B16:1 31 AW University 9.2N 4.0E 0.0a 0 C
B16:2 AW University 12.0N 6.7E 0.0a 90 C
B16:3 new Byte3D 8x8 Joshua Rodgers
B16:3 14.7N 4.0E 0.0a 180
B16:4 17 Expo 12.0N 1.2E 0.0a 27 C
B2:1 29 MeetFactory 9.5N 4.1W 0.0a 0 C
B2:2 41 The Idea Factory 11.9N 1.6W 0.0a 90 8
B2:3 new Shapeshifter3D 14.4N 4.0W 0.0a 18
B2:4 23 Howard Community College 12.0N 6.4W 0.0a 270
B3:1 44 Virtual Beach 5.6N 8.0W 0.0a 0 7
B3:2 12 Coterie, Inc 8.0N 5.6W 0.0a 90 C
B3:3 new GK 10.4N 8.0W 0.0a 180
B3:4 new GK 8.0N 10.4W 0.0a 270
B4:1 ZUZU 1.3N 12.0W 0.0a 1
B4:2 13 Credo Interactive Inc. 4.0N 9.3W 0.0a 90
B4:3 new Daphne 6.7N 12.0W 0.0a 179
B4:4 4.0N 14.7W 0.0a 270
B5:1 new Art College off Design, Pasadena, 2.7S 16.0W 0.0a 0
B5:2 26 American Builders Guild 0.0N 13.3W 0.0a 90 C
B5:3 2.7N 16.0W 0.0a 180
B5:4 14 CyberLife Technology Ltd 0.0S 18.7W 0.0a 269 5
B53 6 Amtower, C
B6:1 5 Amigos Group 6.7S 12.0W 0.0a 360 4
B6:2 Amigos Group 4.0S 9.3W 0.0a 90 4
B6:3 32 George Meyers NASA Project 1.3S 12.0W 0.0a 180 4
B6:4 NASA Ames Research Center 4
B7:1 Peacekeepers 10.5S 8.0W 0.2a 0
B7:2 37 Peacekeepers 7.9S 5.5W 0.2a 90
B7:3 37 Peacekeepers 5.5S 7.9W 0.2a 180
B7:4 Peacekeepers 8.1S 10.5W 0.2a 270
B8:1 24 Kool Worlds 14.5S 4.1W 0.2a 360
B8:2 25 Kool Worlds 12.0S 1.6W 0.2a 90
B8:3 Kool Worlds 9.5S 4.0W 0.2a 180
B8:4 Kool Worlds 12.0S 6.5W 0.2a 270
B9:1 20 Gold, Stuart 18.7S 0.0E 0.0a 360
B9:2 Cyb Magazine 16.0S 2.8E 0.0a 90
B9:3 9 CCR
13.2S 0.0W 0.0a 179
B9:4 11 Compaq Computer 16.0S 2.5W 0.0a 270 1


C10:1 new SHOW 14.7S 12.0E 0.0a 360
C10:2 new Cyberwitch 12.0S 14.8E 0.0a 91
C10:3 48 nulleins 9.3S 12.0E 0.0a 180
C10:4 new WOW 12.0S 9.2E 0.0a 270
C12:4 38 SRT Interprises 7.9S 13.5E 0.0a 270
C13:1 Ima Genuous 5.6N 16.0E 0.0a 0
C2:1 new 9.3N 12.0W 0.0a 0
C2:2 new 12.0N 9.3W 0.0a 89
C35 28 Mauk's Micro Magic, Inc
C4:2 43 University of California, Santa 8.0N 13.3W 0.0a 89
C5:2 39 SeeRay Studios LLC 7.9S 13.5W 0.0a 90
C6:1 27 Lake Productions 14.7S 12.0W 0.0a 359
C8:2 8 CASA 16.0S 5.5W 0.2a 90
C8:3 Binary Buds 13.5S 8.0W 0.2a 180

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