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Avatars99 Teleport Instructions

Teleport Instructions

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To Teleport from a web page link into the 3D world you must first have Active Worlds installed. Download and install Active Worlds. You can see more information about Active Worlds on our pages. Next, when you click on a web link that is marked as a Teleporter, your web browser will prompt you for the correct helper application to run. You should use this prompting dialogue to browse to your file system, moving into the \Active Worlds folder (or wherever you might have installed Active Worlds). Once in this folder, select the file aworld.exe. This is the Active Worlds application.

Press OK and select this application as the helper for this type of link. Next Active Worlds will start and you should land at the location within the universe of worlds indicated by the link. If you are running Internet Explorer inside of Active Worlds you should simply change location within the 3D world.

Ready to test it out? Click on the Teleporter link below..

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