The Contact Consortium Presented..AVATARS2000 on Oct 15, 2000

See Avatars2000 The Movie here

Report on AVATARS2000, the Avvy Awards and surprise Cosmic Experience and

Avvy Awards Winners Now Posted!

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Event Site (now over)
Check out the website for the three platform events:

Avatars 2000: CyberSpace for a New Millennium
Saturday Oct 14 and Sunday Oct 15, 2000

What will it look like? Preview the AW Event Worlds

Sign up today to be a part of Avatars2000:

Launch into Three Platforms and Experience Three Events!

1) Enter Main AV2000/ActiveWorlds Site

Download and install Active Worlds
Blast off.. then dock your ship with our CyberSpace-Station
by clicking on the HTML Version or Flash Version

2) Enter Main AV2000/blaxxun StarshipC3 Site

If you are in New York City, join the Avatars2000
on Saturday October 14.
Download and install blaxxun contact

3) Enter Main AV2000/Traveler-OzGate Site

Traveler OzGate Event
Event runs 1pm to 6pm Sunday Oct 15th
Download and install Onlive Traveler
Enter Avatars2000/Traveler/OZ enter through the community destinations page

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