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Original AVATARS 2001 Event Site

Avatars 2001:
Captains Log of the Event

Held Dec 1-2, 2001 inside cyberspace
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More written reports to come here soon

Pictures of the AVATARS 2001 events of Dec 1-2, 2001

AVATARS 2001 In Active Worlds (highlights) and AVATARS 2001/Active Worlds full image gallery (dec 2nd) and Conference Pages


Photos of the AVATARS 2001 in-person Event at the Digital Garden in California

Vlearn3D 2001 (dec 1) and Conference Pages

AVATARS 2001 in Adobe Atmosphere (dec 1) and Event Pages

AVATARS 2001 in DigitalSpace Traveler (dec 1) and Event Pages

24 Hours on the Palace (nov 30-dec 1) and Event Pages

Historic Pictures of the Event Preparation (july-nov 2001)



Virtual Worlds Studios "Painting the Wind" a Virtual Visit withe Vincent Van Gogh, part of the VLearn3D 2001 event

Active Worlds event video review coming soon!

Chat logs and other written reports (coming soon)


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