Avatars 2001 is over, but check our Conference Report.
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Friday November 30th
The Palace

Saturday December 1st
DigitalSpace Traveler
Adobe Atmosphere

Sunday December 2nd

Saturday December 1st





Contact Consortium
DigitalSpace Corporation
Welcome to Avatars 2001:
A Cyberspace Odyssey
The annual cross-platform event organised by The Contact Consortium and DigitalSpace Corporation.

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This year in ActiveWorlds we present two young 3D talents: SET and AMD, members of the AmigosVR group. They inmerse us in a world of Clarke & Kubrik 3D fantasy, as seen through their eyes.

You are welcome to enjoy the Art Exhibition in av01art, presented by jupytr. Casay organises the traditional Avvy Awards in av01avvy, presenting avatars created by many talents across different 3D platforms. Daphne invites you to visit a diversity of Booths in av01exb. Cams are in... av01cams, and you can join the Worlds Tour in av01tour. And of course, we all meet in cyberspace at our entry world av01.

The Avvy Awards will be presented by Digigardener in av01avvy. They will be broadcasted live in OuterWorlds (world expo), and in the dutch galaxy 3DWorlds (world ~3DEE~). Check the Events & Exhibits schedule!

The Best Popular Avatar contest parallels the Avvy Awards. Citizens of ActiveWorlds (av01avvy), OuterWorlds (expo2) and 3DWorlds (~3DEE~) can vote for Best Popular Avatar in their own universe and world!

Speakers will be sharing their experiences in our conference rooms. Visit our speakers page for more information.

ActiveWorlds is now 3.2 and getting better! Notice our use of sky-boxes and non-repeating ground, two new great features. And you can visit us in software mode, OpenGL or optimised Direct3D. Enjoy your visit!

(Alex Grigny de Castro) DigitalSpace Corporation

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