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Virtual Worlds/Community R & D Projects
Virtual Worlds/Community R & D Projects

Virtual Worlds Community Hosting and Research Projects
The WELL, a birthplace of virtual community, see some of the history of the WELL
The original LambdaMOO including HumbertHumbert's LambdaMOO Archive
Electric Communities Homepage, Farmer and Morningstar and the birthplace of Lucasfilm Habitats
The Digital City of Amsterdam, original web virtual community
Life-like Avatars at the MIT Media Lab
Read about Transarchitecture and Avarchitecture at Marcos Novak's homepage.
Visit UC Berkeley School of Information Management & Systems great links page by Jerome P. McDonough
Sony Virtual Society Project
Virtual Society on the Web
Technosphere a world of Digital Biota
Fully Interactive Conference using BlackSun
Terra Vista Virtual VRML Community Collective
WAXweb Dynamic MOO-based VRML
Czech Technical University Graphics
Virtual Prague Home Page
Labyrint Project
Cybermind's Virtuality Cafe Berlin Cy-Berlin
Internationale Stadt Berlin
Apples Virtual Communities Design Project
Elizabeth Viau on World Building in Education
Webtowers for Virtual Places

Specific Technology Projects
Gandalf: A Communicative Humanoid agents project at the MIT Media Lab
PSL Facial Animation research at UC Santa Cruz
Inxight, a spinoff from Xerox PARC commercializing data visualization/management using innovative 3D interfaces

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