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Virtual University Projects
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Pedagogical Projects using Virtual Worlds
MOO and MUD-Based Learning Projects
Internet-enabled Distance Learning (CSCL) Projects
Initiatives in Internet-based Distance Learning
Books, Theses, Papers, Articles and Courses on Avatars and Virtual Worlds

Pedagogical Projects using Virtual Worlds

Visit the California Virtual High School Project
Download the Active Worlds Browser and then
Teleport Directly to the VHS

The Contact Consortium TheU Virtual University and architecture competition
The Integrated Immersive Learning Environment and virtual campus of the College of Business at the University of Colorado at Boulder
The Nerve Garden a shared, generative virtual terrarium for learning about form and function in nature
Susan Mackey's University of Victoria Site for TheU Virtual University
Missouri's VR in education page
Center for Electronic Communication Florida Atlantic University.

MOO and MUD-Based Learning Projects

SolSys Sim a pedagogical MUD simulating future human societies, Reed Riner, Northern Arizona University
Diversity University
MOOse Crossing, a kid's MOO for learning, by Amy Bruckman, MIT Media Lab (now at Georgia Tech)
MOOs for Education

Internet-enabled Distance Learning (CSCL) Projects and Institutions

Turoff and Hiltz at New Jersey Institute of Technology, originators of the Virtual Classroom. Also please see many papers at Roxanne Hiltz's homepage.
Virtual Online University
Great paper on a Virtual Campus in Spain
Amsterdam Virtual University (in Dutch)
Virtuosi Project at Nottingham University
University of Western Florida Virtual Classroom
The Open University of the UK
Science Space Worlds at George Mason University
Southern California University for Professional Studies (SCUPS), a distance education university offering both undergraduate and graduate degrees
The Virtual Lecture International Project
The EDUTEC project at the El Consejo Nacional de Ciencia y Tecnología (CONCYTEC) in Peru.

Initiatives in Internet-based Distance Learning
For a growing list of initiatives and research, see the California Virtual High School Pedagogy Page.
The VHS Hotlinks Page offers an extensive list of distance learning and online resources for educators.

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