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The Genesis

The Contact Consortium was conceived on a long road trip from Sedona Arizona to Canada and back down to San Francisco in August and September of 1994. Hours of intense discussion in a big blue van by Bruce Damer and Mark Conway produced the form of the Consortium. It was planned to present this at the CONTACT XII conference coming up in San Jose, California in March of 1995.

Bruce met Mark in the 650 year old Charles University in Prague in early 1993. Mark later attended Bruce's weekly Information Age Forum dinners in Prague where they struck up a friendship. Mark described Dr. Reed Riner's SolSys MUD on a long walk in the woods (after many beers at a Prague beer garden) which mesmerized Bruce. Bruce thought SolSys was a visual environment and was surprised to learn that it was entirely text based. Something so rich, with its own culture, politics, economy and traditions and yet it was text-based. Bruce thought, once these environments are graphical, the Internet, and human contact would be changed forever.

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