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Download Active Worlds from this site at Circle of Fire Studios, install it and enter as a tourist. Then select the worlds AV98 out of the list of worlds on the left hand side of the interface. If the AV98 world is open (email us if it is not) you will be transported to the Ground Zero of the conference world. Signs and helpers will direct you from there. You can also get into the AV98 world directly from this web page by clicking on this web teleport link, and scrolling to the \Active Worlds directory and choosing the AWORLD.EXE application as your helper for this type of link.

Happenings in Active Worlds

A preview of the Exhibit Hall Area in AV98, Active Worlds

A look at what the Beam-in Teleport Webcam Wall will look like

In the Active Worlds universe, the world "AV98" will contain a busy Ground Zero, Exhibit Hall, Galleries, Avatar Awards, Teleports and Webcam Wall.

For more information on the Active Worlds community see our pages on Active Worlds at the Avatar Teleport.

Avatars98 Homepage

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