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Scene from this year's much more avante garde gallery picturing curator/builders Jupytr and Killamo

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Scene from last year's gallery

The Out of This World Art Gallery is Calling You..
Ever wanted to have a real art opening in cyberspace where you attract crowds and can stand by your work just like being a real gallery? Want to go beyond a simple "put them on a web page and hope people visit" approach? Well then you should hang your works in the Out of This World Art Gallery (OOTWAG) at Avatars99, a 3D virtual gallery with your work or works hung on the walls while guests mill around in 3D cyberpersonae called "avatars". The show will open on December 4th and run for one day (we will leave it up for a few weeks afterward for informal visits). This year's gallery is being curated by Jupytr, an Active Worlds citizen and creator of some of the finest art spaces in virtual worlds including the innovative Zero Gallery.


What kind of works are we looking for?
Well, just about anything from traditional painting, sculpture, line art to computer generated pieces. At our 1996 and 1997 and 1998 conferences, the OOTWAG featured works that depicted some vision for virtual worlds or cyberspace. Artists can show us a bolder and higher fidelity vision than we can make make real in the virtual worlds of today.

What do I need to do to submit my works?
Well, it is pretty simple really to be make an entry to the show. Any work can be submitted as a scanned image, which must be in the JPEG format and optimally 60K bytes or less. This means a lot of compression and some loss of quality but it does mean that the public will be able to see your work in this unique setting. We prefer that you have your JPEG file at your own website address. Next you must fill out the form and submit your works. Curator Paul Klee and the committee will consider your submission and get back to you. There are a limited number of artists who can be accommodated a maximum of 3 works per artist will be featured.

Got Problems?
If you are having problems or questions, send a brief email to curator Jupytr.

Visiting Avatars99 and the gallery
To visit our first prototype gallery itself, you must download and install Active Worlds, which runs on Windows PC's only (sorry !). If you want to organize a show in another of the Avatars99 platforms, please let us know. We have resources only to create a gallery in Active Worlds, which was chosen because of its easy building in a 3D environment. To visit the gallery on the big day, December 4th, download and install Active Worlds from and then enter the AV99 world in Active Worlds, following the directions "to Art Galleries" and the AV99ART world .There, an index page and in-world directory will help you find your art. If you want a tour of the gallery before then, contact curator Jupytr.

Special Instructions and Conditions

Please try to have your art submitted by 10:00am Pacific Standard Time on December 1st so we can test it in the gallery space in AV99ART. On Saturday Dec 4th, 1999 your artwork(s) will be on display during Avatars99, the first conference of and in Cyberspace.

By submitting your art you agree to have an image or images from it reproduced on the website of the Contact Consortium ( If you provided a home page address for each artwork, we will provide links back to your home page for guests who click on your art or signage in the world.

Please sign up on the Avatars mailing list for news of Avatars99 at:
for news of the art show or other Avatars99 conference events.

Please Note: this is a public open space event, people may take pictures!
Each artist owns their own copyrights but should understand that this is a public showing, and that visitors may take screen shots of your works on display. This is akin to visitors taking pictures at a 'real world' open space gallery and users may take away visual mementos in their rolls of virtual film. We will label your works with your name so that proper credit will appear to the public.

Click here to see the layout options in more detail

What we need from you in the form below is:

  • Your name as you would like it to appear on a title plate on your display area, like (4) in the above example.
  • Your affiliation if any.
  • The web URL to your homepage or web-based gallery which we can link to your works. This will be linked to your title plate (4).
  • Your email address so we can contact you.
  • The URL Web addresses of up to three JPEG"thumbnail" images of your work less than 60K each and no more than 256 pixels in height or width (128 pixels will work better for more users). These will be placed on the panels in the example above at (1, 2 and 3).
  • Web addresses for each of the up to three images. These will link back to a specific location containing a higher resolution version of your artwork might or some web page containing further description of the piece (more on this below).
  • The short title of each work in 24 characters or less to appear on the panels at (5, 6, and 7) and on pop-up text panels that appear when visitors hold their mouse over your works (see an example above).

Gallery Submission is Closed, see you in AV99Art

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