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Avatars on a big screen, in song with the group at a VOCE at Siggraph 1997, Los Angeles

One of the best ways to experience Avatars99 is to get some friends together, connect one or more computers to the net and colonize cyberspace as a team, hosting a special event in-world sometime during the October 30th, or the December 4th event or other event days. We have been doing these events for years at our various conferences and special events and they are a blast. They are sometimes called cyberphysical happenings. Add to this your own webcam broadcast and you can give everyone out there a look at your F2F node. A lot of spots have already signed up.

Why don't you tell us what you would like to do in-world and in-person on the big day in one or more of the conference worlds by filling out our convenient form below? Also, dont forget to get signed up on the Newsfeed for updates.

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