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10:00am Keynote addresses by Bruce Damer, Contact Consortium and Rick Noll (ENZO) from To Be Held at AV99 Center

TIME Track1 Track2 Track3 Track4 Track5 Track6
  VLearn Edu ECafe General Biota Misc Misc
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Intro to VLearn: DeVarco & Corbit
AWEDU intro: Tatum

    University of Paris (Claude)
from 8-9am PST
11:00 Panel ONE:
Mod: Corbit
Avatar Inhabited Virtual Worlds: Assessing and Evaluating their Performance Value in Education
Turoff, Ruess, Kerney
  Andrew Phelps: Multi-User Tech Talk, see session description here      
11:30 Panel ONE continues to 11:45          
12:00 Panel TWO:
Mod: DeVarco
Virtual Worlds in Education - Lessons from the Field
Dickey, Jones, Mackey
Celia Pearce - Agents Karl Ericson: discusses Fluidiom and Memes in Volumetric Space      
12:30 12:45 to 1:15 V-Learn Virtual Poster Session - location is AWedu world in AW. Teleports to the AWedu session are in vdr pod 1
Celia Pearce - Agents        
1:00pm (13:00) 1pm PDT to 1:15 Seventh Grader Kyle Daigle will be doing a special live poster presentation for the Cornell Theory Center's Sci Fair in AWedu
Lucrezia Borgia Education (15 mins)
Troy (Slate) will lead a Tour of MOON World
1:30 (13:30)   Panel:
Mod: Mike Heim
Is Cyberspace Soul Space?
  More sessions from Paris    
2:00 (14:00)   Is Cyberspace Soul Space?   More sessions from Paris    
2:30 (14:30)   Is Cyberspace Soul Space?        
3:00 (15:00)   Dave Blackburn Rods        
3:30 (15:30)   Dave Blackburn Rods        
4:00 (16:00)   Kit Galloway - Tour Roadside Attractions Joey Somerville designing Worlds woth visiting      
4:30 (16:30)     Wes Horlacher: on Establish Your Unique Place in Cyberspace      

4:45pm: announcement to all worlds that folks should assemble in AV99AVVY for the grande finale ceremonies


Grande Finale, Avvy Awards, and special "Surprise Millennial Event"

Detailed Schedule:

  • Activities commence on stage, Digi, San Marco, MyTwoKeys, Razzle, Win, and all volunteer folks assemble on stage
  • Digi makes some opening comments, invites others to give their views on the day, Digi gives vote of thanks to volunteers
  • Digi introduces MTK and her crew of judges
  • Category winners and grand prize winner announced by judges and MTK
6:00 Digi returns after the applause and antics die down, lets the crowd know about a surprise event
In the middle of the crowds a black monolith appears (say Bit or someone can you wrangle a black monolith) this is like the monolith in 2001 a space odyssey.
6:04 Digi announces to the crowd that by clicking or bumping this monolith you will go to the "surprise event" of Av99
6:10 folks warp on over to the great unveiling of "the new model year" the giant number 2000, the rolling of the Millen-O-dometer!!!
6:20 The whole crew announces: "party on.. go to tour worlds, hang in the gallery, leave your popcorn everywhere!!!"

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