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present their 7th annual Avatars event on January 3rd - 5th 2003

Avatars 2002
a merry cyber party

The Avatars 2002 event days are gone, but we are still online! Download some avatars and objects donated by Lady Murasaki and Xelag by clicking here :)

On January 3rd 2003, J.R.R.Tolkien would have turned eleventy-one years old. Our Avatars conference on January 3rd-5th 2003 is dedicated to him and his mythology, as seen through the eyes of 3D artists and avatars.

Two 3D platforms have agreed to participate: Active Worlds and Adobe Atmosphere. This page is for the Active Worlds platform, for the Adobe Atmosphere pages follow this link.

How can you join us? Follow this link for a detailed explanation.

Our main world is in the ActiveWorlds universe: av02.

At the entry point we have a space with booths for 3D-systems, Universes and Galaxies, worlds, services and much more!
Object and area design: XelaG. Fountains, urns and swan: Lady Murasaki

Our avatars were created by renowned artists, you can recognise their creators by a prefix to the avatar's name: Lady Murasaki (no prefix), Shankahtus (shz), SET (set), Ananas (vha).
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Our tour starts at the world entry point, and leads us to Hobbiton. You may take the long way, travelling west towards the South Farthing and reaching The Water. Explore the area! Near the Mill, we have our Party Fields, where J o and Nightraven will delight us with fireworks and music!
Object and area design: XelaG, with contributions by Ananas, Lady Murasaki and SWE

Leaving Hobbiton eastbound, after a long journey, we reach the Last Homely House: Rivendell. An enchanting valley west of the Misty Mountains, at the edge of the wilderness, protected by Elrond's Ring.
Object and area design: Lady Murasaki

Following the western flank of the Misty Mountains, south of Rivendell, we arrive at the Western Gate of Moria. This gate can be opened if you know how! The procedure is explained in The Lord of the Rings, chapter A Journey in the Dark.
Object and area design and bot: XelaG

Once the Gates are open, you can enter Khazad Dûm, Durin and Balin's mansion under the mountains.
Object and area design: Denkar

At the southern tip of the Misty Mountains, Saruman the White, head of Gandalf's wizard Order, has his stronghold: Orthanc, also known as Isengard. But Saruman betrayed his order...
Object and area design: SET

Our assistants Lady Pippin, Bassa and Poseidon sculpted and populated the rivers, fields and roads.

These areas can be reached by foot, air or using our teleports at the entry point. And we have more:

Razzle and Windancer have designed and donated our av02avvy world, the hobbit home of your dreams! The avatars in this world are a selection of previous years' submissions.

Our Art Gallery, featuring some works inspired by Tolkien, and many more subjects, is situated at av02art. Jupytr is our Art curator.

This Avatars 2002 event, as all previous ones in Active Worlds, was made possible due to the generous sponsorship of ActiveWorlds Inc., that donated and hosts these worlds, and of the voluntary work of many artists and citizens of ActiveWorlds. Visit our sponsors and team pages!

We hope you enjoy your visit! Our worlds will remain online for quite a while, so we hope to see you there often!

Alex Grigny de Castro (XelaG)
The Digital Space Commons


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