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The SA SIG held its first meeting at the Avatars '97 conference in October. We had eight in attendence at that time. Since then our email list has grown to 73 (as of August '98) and we've held three online reading group meetings. Below is a listing of our events (past and upcoming), as well as links to any available transcripts.

October 1997, San Francisco - First meeting, held at the Avatars '97 conference.
No transcript available.

February 1998, WorldsAway's Hotel Silicon - First online reading group. Material discussed: Ralph Schroeder's "Networked Worlds" and "The Social Life of Avatars."

Transcript (and picture) available upon request for SIG group members.

March 1998, WorldsAway's Hotel Silicon - Online reading group. Material discussed: Janet LeValley's "Reaching for the Power: Consciousness, Culture and Alternate Embodiment."

Transcript (and picture) available.

July 1998, SenseMedia Snow - Online reading group. Material discussed: Amy Jo Kim's "Social Design for Online Gaming Environments."

Transcript available.

September 1998, Active Worlds TheU - Online reading group. Material discussed: "Internet paradox: A social technology that reduces social involvement and psychological well-being?" (aka - CMU study) American Psychologist, September 1998. Response by John Grohol as well.

Transcript (and picture) available.

November 1998, Active Worlds - SIG session for the Avatars '98 conference.

Transcript available.

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