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How to get a Crew Job!
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Get involved in one of the many Crew Job categories below or read more about what it means to be part of the Avatars98 Crew.
Build and Host an Exhibit
Be a Speaker and Hold a Discussion
Be an Avatars98 Host
Enter your Avatar into the Avvys
Host a Face-to-Face Event in Your Town
Jack in Your Webcam
Hang Your Art
Meet your Fellow CrewFolk!

The Few, the Crew, You are Called!
Who is crew? Crew is you! That is, if you want to really get inside inside cyberspace by being part of our team. Bring your talents to an exciting job (maybe even a career) in virtual space, by building your own exhibit, jacking in your webcam, speaking, hosting a discussion, putting on a party in your town, becoming an Av98 event host, or entering your avatar into the avvys or your artwork into the out-of-this-world art show. Become a crew member by doing one or more jobs above. You can see right here who your fellow crew members will be. You will then be an integral part of the big event on November 21st, 1998.

Avatars98 Homepage
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