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Avatars98 will be happening all over Cyberspace, in a virtual world near you. Don't think you can get inside? Using an older PC or Mac on a slow dial up connection to the Internet? Well, think again! These worlds are built to work with your system today. Virtual worlds use different technologies and for each you have to download its own progam, called a browser. You can run several virtual worlds at once (and yes, they should work just fine on a slow modem connection). All of these worlds offer free use as a "guest" or "tourist", and this is all you need to get into the action before and during the conference on November 21st. So lets get started..

Get a World
Use the following table to decide which worlds to download and install, and lists which type of events are will be held within each type of world. Remember, all of these worlds are provided by other companies, not by us (the Contact Consortium), so you will have to rely on their support. We work closely with them and use these worlds every day, so we expect you will have a great experience. There are many fabulous books on the subject of virtual world cyberspace, see our official Avatars98 bookstore and get them on your shelves! You can also preview and download many virtual worlds at the avatar teleport.

Basic System Requirements
Windows 95/98/NT PC with miniumum 14.4 dialup connection to the Internet for main events in the 3D and 2D worlds or Macintosh 68040 or above with same for 2D events in The Palace and WorldsAway. Firewalls can cause problems, see individual software requirements for how to resolve these.

World Our description of world/events Get it from Runs On Conference events to be held there
Active Worlds www.activeworlds.com Windows Exhibition Hall, Discussions, Galleries, Avvy Awards, Webcam Wall
Blaxxun Colony City www.blaxxun.com Windows Special Colony City events, conversations with angels, Starbase C3 and more!
Traveler www.onlive.com/cgi-bin/travreg.cgi Windows Live voice discussions, poetry slam, song and dance tours of new worlds, avatar fashion show, Boulder Avatars98 exhibits, Utopia voice performances
WorldsAway www.worldsaway.com Windows/Mac TBA
The Palace www.thepalace.com Windows/Mac Event in the Palace Cafe
  Roomancer www.moove.com Windows TBA
  JavaMOO http://this.is/javamoo/ All Java Platforms supporting VRML or Flash TBA
  VNet multi-user open VRML worlds http://ariadne.iz.net/~jeffs/vnet/ All VRML supported platforms TBA
  Other worlds to be announced soon

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Various Other worlds and events to be announced soon

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