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The Human Race in Cyberspace
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Inside Cyberspace
read about the world's first cyberconference
Oct 26-27, 1996 at the ANA Hotel and Cyborganic, San Francisco California
Oct 22-24, 1997 at San Francisco State Multimedia Studies Program, Yerba Buena Gardens and the Anon Salon, San Francisco California
Nov 21, 1998 held online inside virtual world cyberspace and at physical locations worldwide
Dec 4, 1999 online inside virtual world cyberspace and at physical locations worldwide, this years theme: the Millennium.

Avatars 2000
Cyberspace for a New Millennium
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A Cyber Space Odyssey
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A Merry Cyber Party

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Oct 15, 2000 hosted within a multi-ringed cyber-space staion. See the fabulous Avvy Awards and "Cosmic Experience" and AV2K the Movie from this year.
Dec 1-2, 2001
featured a walk through the "stations of the cross" in a fantastic parodie of Stanley Kubrick's 1968 classic film.
Jan 3-5, 2003 was a departure from the futuristic themes, where avatar attendees walked in fellowship over a virtual middle earth (no teleporters please).
March 12-14 2004 featured Mars worlds with rovers and a world design competition for Science Fiction author Kim Stanley Robinson of Red Mars, Green Mars, Blue Mars fame.

Conference Series presented by the SIG

Digital Burgess
a Conference on the Origins and Future of Life on Earth

Digital Biota II
the second annual conference on cyberbiology

Digital Biota 3
The Open Worlds Conference

Digital Biota 4
At the National Association of Paleolontology Convention
August 29-Sept 1, 1997 in Banff Alberta Canada.
September 10-13, 1998 at Magdalene College in Cambridge, UK
Nov 6-7 1999 at San Jose State University, San Jose CA, USA
June 30-July 2, 2001 at UC Berkeley, Berkeley CA, USA

Conference Series presented by the VLearn SIG

Vlearn3D 2002
Dec 7th, 2002 and was centered around the themes explored in the CILT research project
Building Blocks for Virtual Worlds.

VLearn3D 2001
December 2001 featured speakers on topics of Knowledge Spaces and Information Landscapes

Vlearn3D 2000
Oct 13-14 2000 with locations at UC Santa Cruz, Cornell University, and elsewhere, including virtual worlds on the Internet.

VLearn One
The first annual Virtual Worlds in Formal and Informal Education Workshop
May 20-21 1999 virtual/physical conference held between the Cornell Theory Center at Cornell University, Ithaca NY, UC Santa Cruz, University of Twente, Holland.

V-Learn began its series of annual events on November 21, 1998 at Bonnie DeVarco's special session at Avatars98

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